Street Food Christmas Eve

So you can enjoy our street food at christmas, we have put together a feast! Some amazing flavours to enjoy before santa comes. Each person recieves, 


Christmas Eve Feast 

Tom Yung Goong (Tiger Prawn Soup) 

Crispy Duck Dumplings 

Tamarind & Chilli Ham Hock 

Vietnamese Fried Bread 

Teriyaki Sticky Lamb 

Crispy Seaweed 

Nest Fried Rice 


Limited portions avaliable so order quick  


Street Food Christmas Eve

  • All Christmas orders are only for delivery not collection. All orders will be delivered on 24th December Christmas Eve 

  • This Item comes free with novelty hats and crackers 

*when ordering 2 or 3 courses

please select choices for one person then add to basket, for multiple people repeat the process keeping the quantity at 1. 

*if two people are ordering the same dishes you do not need to repeat the process, just change the quantity to '2' 

for breakfast select your choices followed by the date.